Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 6th meeting final snapshots

Detail of Ree Fagan.s fabric she printed on her large printing machine

Detail of Susan Wei's poppy quilt

Susan Wei holding her poppy qullt

Janet Daniels holding Judith Reilly's quilt

Judith Reilly's note cards

Janice Jones holding a small framed collage she made

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 6th meeting (part 3)

Michelle Goldsmith holds her quilt depicting wrapped hay in a field

Close up of the wrapped hay

Michelle Goldsmith shows a sunflower style quilt

Mary Ann Gallaher shows off a cat quilt

Close up of the cat

Janice's husband David (the driver!) shows his paintings

David's painting

Another of David's paintings

Ms V and her husband Elton at dinner after the event

Rebecca Buchanon and Margaret Sheehan enjoy salmon at Yama in Hanover

Margaret Sheehan & Paulette Martel lean in for a snapshot

Michelle Goldsmith and Nancy Graham share some whimsy

Our table at Yama in Hanover
Janet Daniels, Mary Ann Galaher, Anne Turner, Elton, Ms. V, Rebecca Buchanon, Margaret Sheehan, Paulette Martel, Michelle Goldsmith and Nancy Graham (not shown, Joanne Shapp and Cathy Velon)

Joanne Shapp, Cathy Velon and Anne Turner

Monday, April 8, 2013

4/6 SHOW and TELL (continued)

Kathy Velon shows a design board project

Kathy Velon's soy wax dyed fabric

Kathy Velon's quilt

Nancy Belsky Shows her beautiful work

Nancy Belsky 

Nancy K, a friend of Nancy Belsky showed us her art quilt

Angela Miller

Close up of Angela's work

Close up of another of Angela Millers quilts
Joanne Shapp, featured quilter at MQX and Northern Lights Quilt Guild's upcoming show, invites us to attend

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 6th meeting

The meeting room with all eyes focused on Show and Tell

Nancy Graham talking about stamping techniques and tools

Sonja Hakal talking about Self publishing and her books

Ms V. encouraged members to apply for PAM status

Judith Reilly

Close up of Judith Reilly's work

Alexandra Nickerson

Ms. V holding Alexandra's work

Janice Jones

close up of Janice Jones quilt

Ree Fagan with her threadwork quilt

Close up detail of Ree Fagan's threadwork

Janet Daniels