Friday, October 26, 2012

SAQA Maine, Show and Tell part 2

And more..... Please forgive us for the no names... We were parading the quilts around and not taking notes, so some of you slipped by us....

Sandra Betts portrait of her mother
Sarah Ann Smith
Rosalita Feero
Sarah Carpenter showing Sandra Betts quilts
Paulette Martel, Sandra Betts, and Lois Hooper holding Sandra's portrait of her mother

Lois Hooper
Lois Hooper's Train Quilt
Crazy Margaret showing quilts

Beth showing Kathy Molatch's quilt
Margaret showing Kathy Molatch's quilt
Mary Ann Gallaher's "Bats in the Belfry"    
  Beth holding Sarah Carpenter's quilts
  Close up of Sarah Carpenter's quilt
Jodi Scaltreto

Jodi Scaltreto
Jodi Scaltreto
Donna Johnson

Ann Turner

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AVA Gallery Opening Reception Evening

The Opening Reception for the Fibers Show at the AVA Gallery was a lovely event. Mary Ann Gallaher, Janet Daniels and I met and walked around enjoying creative conversation about this exciting show.

Kiranada Sterling Benjamin - Moon Ascending: Japanese Rozome Batik

We were able to meet Kiranada Sterling Benjamin and learn a lot more about her serene work. She shared with us the process she went through to achieve her gorgeous results. Photos do not do it justice!

We also thought the weaving show was amazing! 

Affinity: Cyndy Barbone, Deborah Frazee Carlson, Fuyuko Matsubara and Bhakti Ziek

Gallery Talk: Thursday, November 1, 5:30 pm

As you can see below, Bhakti Ziek (SDA VT) and some of the other artists have made rather large scale pieces! These photos do not capture the texture and details that make these and the other pieces in the show so intriguing! This is a must see show.

This group of amazing weavers also have a "sister" show currently at the Fuller Craft Museum. You can hear the artists talk at both locations.
Mary Ann Gallaher,  Margaret Sheehan,  Janet Daniels
in front of Bhakti Ziek's weaving
Bhakti Ziek (SDA VT)  in front of her woven work at the AVA Gallery, Bank Street in Lebanon, NH

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Of Interest at AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH

Ms Benjamin's upcoming AVA show is called,
"Moon Ascending: Japanese Rozome Batik"
There is a fibers show coming to the AVA Gallery on 11 Bank Street in Lebanon, NH. It will be on display from October 19 - November 16.

If any SAQA members would like to meet at the opening reception, I will be there. We can go out for a bite to eat as a group afterwards.

Opening Reception
Friday October 19, 2012
5 - 7 pm

Other artist's participating in shows at the AVA at this time include:

Cyndy Barbone
Deborah Frazee Carlson
Fuyuko Matsurbara
Bhakti Ziek

Gallery Talk: Thursday, November 1st @ 5:30 pm

The Art of Tea II
Barbara Bartlett

Gallery Talk: Thursday November 15th @ 5:30 pm

Beyond, Beyond, 28" x 28"
by Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

Ms Benjamin's gallery talk is scheduled for
Saturday October 20th @ 1:30 pm
                               The images have been photographed from her brochure and may not be included in the upcoming show..... Margaret