Friday, September 28, 2012

Show and tell Part 1

I have the worlds WORST memory for names PLUS I was walking around with my back to the presenters. I am hoping someone else with authorship rights on this blog will help fill in the blank spot

                                                  Sarah Ann Smith

                                                    Jodi Scaltreto

                                                     Rosalita Feero

                                                    Rosalita Feero

                                               Michelle Goldsmith

                                                  Paulette Martel

Margaret Sheehan

                                                   Margaret Sheehan




Saturday part3

This was a quicky demonstration of a very cool framing technique using Styrofoam rigid insulation board which comes in 4X8 feet sheets at home supply store and wooden lath.

Obviously I didn't take this photo but glad someone did...  This is the finished piece that was stretched over an exact sized piece of rigid foam over a layer of white felt which was lightly sprayed with temp fabric adhesive spray then pinned tightly in place. Trim as close to pins as you can. Then painted lath, pre-cut and pre-drilled were adhered with special Styrofoam caulk (Loctite PL300) that won't melt the Styrofoam (dead cheap too) then screwed the lath sides on.
 A demonstration of water soluble pencils and pastels on cheesecloth. The colors were made permanent with PVA (Elmers) glue and water.
           Thank you Angela so much for preparing this fabric for the demonstration.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scroll down to read the latest SAQA Maine post

See September 20th!

Check out that dining room.... it looks great in photos, better in person! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VICA Show, Opening reception

Judy Dales

SDA Vermont Rep Karen Henderson

Sandy Gregg's work

Wen Redmond's work

Sandy Gregg

Elizabeth Fram

Marilyn Gillis

Susan Wei

Susan Wei

Judy Dales

Vermont Institute of Contemporary Studies Gallery Space

Karen Henderson and Karen Kamenetzky

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Maine Event Saturday part 1

Saturday was jammed packed and fun filled. For those staying at the Captain A.V.Nickels Inn, breakfast consisted of yogurt and fresh fruit, eggs and sausage and creme brulle french toast.

We met at 10 for a Zentangles workshop presented by Sandra Betts from New Brunswick  Canada. Here are some photos.

                          Here is Sandra demonstrating on her machine

                                    One of her finished pieces on paper
                                        Her finished piece on cloth

 An "action" shot of Sandra showing how to doodle Zentangles on paper to practice.
                     I use "action" shot to excuse my blurred photos (hehe)

                                       Donna Johnson's Zentangle sketch.

                                        More of Sandra's on paper.

This was the sample "sandwich" on which many of us practiced free motion Zentangling.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saturday Part 2

Next came our buffet lunch which was included in the registration fee.

                   I ate one of the apples from the centerpiece (don't tell anyone!)
 This really is an action shot. Michele O'Neil Kincaid with one of her "Extreme Texture" pieces.
                                            Better shot of her work
                            Another piece of her work - very unique
                                       a "nipple" creating ripples
                               a demo of piping as a distinct texture

              ripples ironed into the fabric as well as a few nipples and free motion
  Very nice. clusters in various sizes as well as great texture from ironed ripples
                   Great picture of the piping, ripples, nipples and free motion.
Wonderful workshop, Michele. Thank you. You can reach Michele using the contact information here.