Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A page from Margaret's Sketchbook Challenge, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Just thought I'd take the opportunity to say Happy New Year and I hope you all have a healthy and creative New Year. I want to share a couple of sites that might interest you.  I have found these to be a great inspiration and I have already seen progress in my own creativity. I participated at my own pace all last year.

The sketchbook challenge:

This group of mixed media artists, many of them fiber artists, post their sketchbooks and tutorials on line and via Flicker.  There are monthly prize winners as well, if you wish to participate at that level.

I recently joined the Strathmore on line workshop series:

This has video tutorials that show you techniques for using their products, and it's all free!  The first one has a wonderful doodling tutorial.  It's fantastic to watch the artwork progress right on the screen!  It's great for boosting the energy to sit down and create your own masterpieces! So, if you join this site, link up with me as a friend and let's get creative together.

Again, a reminder that any news about your shows and inspirations are welcome here on the blog!  Send your news to any of us, Susan, Beth or myself and we'll get it posted for you.