Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SAQA MAINE started with Wen Redmond teaching Stalking the Wild Print!

Wen Redmond teaching at the SAQA Maine Weekend
The first workshop for the 2nd Annual Northern New England SAQA Weekend was taught by Wen Redmond.  She showed us how to get three interesting prints on fabrics using natural objects as stamps and masks.

The energy in the room was amazing as everyone got a chance to try this wonderful process.  One thing I observed; SAQA members like to meet each other AND create art together!  So, we should do this more often, YES?

The next few entries on this blog will be a collection of some of the pictures I took while watching the attendees create their masterpieces.  I was inspired as a photographer, by what I saw happening in front of me!

The three prints are shown here.  One mask, one stamp and one print.

At the height of creativity!  Can you feel the energy?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Generosity of spirit

This is an email I sent to the SAQA Yahoo group relaying my feelings at the end of our Maine Event:

The Maine Event , our local parlor meeting, has come and gone and what was left behind was a overwhelming sense of gratitude to my state and regional SAQA members, those whose messages I have read on the SAQA Yahoo group and the SAQA members who keep this organization going nationally and internationally, the members of and mentors for the Visioning Project and all the lovely people I have “met” and become friends with on the web.

I am much more a surface designer/scholastically trained artist but the support I receive from SAQA in all its permutations is “beyond rubies”. From my first exposure to art quilts in Pamela Allen’s workshops to today, as an incoming SAQA representative for my state, I have enjoyed the generosity and support of SAQA members. Although there are other organizations, which more closely address my work, I find the people and spirit of SAQA all I need. The term “generosity of spirit” most closely describes what I have experienced. I have found the “bigger” and “most successful” of the members to be the most down to earth and supportive. I have “met” and become friends with many wonderful people through the SAQA yahoo group. Locally I have been able to welcome other quilters and fiber arts to our Maine Event and have seen them join our ranks.

I have experienced wanting to give back and give more the longer I am in SAQA. Linda Kemshall once said, “No one is born knowing how to do this”. The spirit to show and mentor others is what I am most grateful for: generosity of spirit.

SAQA Maine Weekend, Friday Night Dinner

Belfast, ME ~ Friday, September 16, 2011
The weekend began with SAQA members and friends meeting in Belfast Maine for a gallery/store walkabout.  We connected in the stores and galleries just by spotting a SAQA nametag! The dinner at Delvinos was wonderful!  Good food, good conversations, great people!  We had such a large group meet for dinner, we were split into three large tables! It was a nice way to start the weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So it's Soy?

Some of the soy wax pieces from the recent 2nd Annual SAQA Maine Event this past weekend. 
Beth Berman, the new regional rep, presented this workshop.
 This one reverses to a different color.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aftermath of Irene and other news

The damaged Quechee VT Bridge and nearby Insurance building
photo taken on location by Margaret Sheehan
Hi Everyone! How are you? Doing well, I hope!  Our area got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Irene and I hope that all of you are doing OK.  I have been hearing all kinds of "survival" stories from my local friends. I also had a chance to get out and see some of the destruction caused by flooding and I must say, it is shocking! Please take a moment to donate to charities that will help the people in dire need of immediate assistance.

Art can get us through some of the toughest times though, so keep on creating and even documenting all your experiences.

Consider attending our next meeting! the Searsport Maine event, to share, create, rest and renew.  It's not too late to RSVP and attend.  All three of your SAQA reps, Susan Balch, Wen Redmond and I will be there as well as Valarie Poitier and Michele David, the reps for MA/RI.  Bring your non-SAQA friends! They will want to join SAQA with you after meeting more of our dynamic members!

If you are already signed up to go, Great!  Beth has sent out materials lists.  If you have not received this information, let a rep know, ASAP.  We can get that information to you. Bring your Show and Tell!

See you all soon!