Thursday, April 28, 2011

Member News

News from member Jodi Scaltreto!
I had a piece juried into the Brush Gallery exhibit called For The Birds which runs from May 7th to June 18th at the Brush Gallery in Lowell MA. The piece I have there is called Celtic Bird.
Celtic Bird
I also had 3 pieces juried into the Fiber Arts Fiesta 2011 in New Mexico which runs from May 26th to 28th 2011. The pieces that will be shown there are Wild Flower, Eye Candy and Cupcake Cat. 
Eye Candy


I am looking forward to the fall and the Maine meeting had so much fun at the VT meeting and hope to see everyone in Maine.
Congrats Jodi!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Opportunity for SAQA members to have their work in exhibition in Taiwan in 2012

      Here is an opportunity for SAQA members to have their work in an exceptional exhibition in Taiwan in 2012. Taiwan Representative, Hsin-Chen Lin, is also the president of TIQE and the first festival she organized in 2009 was wonderful. The exhibition was very well received and the catalog is gorgeous. The 2012 exhibition will be from August to July and the theme is Moving Water and Rivers, with an emphasis on the life-giving and precious nature of water on the earth and the crucial environmental relationship we have with water. Feb 29 012 is the Deadline. 
     Water and river are full of life and nutrient: novelty, freshness, and sustainability symbolize a source of vitality, expecting to convey an energetic, broad, and microcosmic angle of view, as well as each kind of life and existence that water and river embrace.
       Hsin-Chen is doing a fantastic job of promoting SAQA and is planning to host one of the SAQA Trunk Shows and one of the major traveling exhibitions in a special pavilion at TIQE 2012. 
From our Assistant Executive Director, SAQA
Patricia Gould

Show and Tell, Judy B. Dales

Judy Dales
Just a reminder, the opening reception for Judy's show is tomorrow, Thursday April 28th from 5 - 7 pm.  Her show announcement was posted earlier on this blog.  Scroll down and find it in the blog archives.
Click on the Show and Tell title above to get to her website to see more of her work.

Monday, April 25, 2011

News about the 2nd Annual Northern NE SAQA weekend

"The Maine Event is scheduled for Sept 16,17,18 this year in Searsport. So far there is a unique batik workshop and we will have two more workshops Saturday and one on Sunday morning. Pretty much like last year but only one workshop at a time - no choices to make. I rented the new section of the church behind my house. Big new rooms, lots of light with eating facilities for breakfast and lunch on Saturday plus bathrooms and handicapped accessibility." ~ Beth Berman


Please note: This event is still in the planning stages. We will be sending out final information at a later date.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Artist's View, Rosalita E. Feero from Maine

Thank you Rosilita for joining with us in an artist's view interview.

My art is ever evolving and comes from a deep need to create. My creations are an outgrowth of my desire to interpret what I see and feel into art quilts. Every piece tells its own story which speaks to me and hopefully a buyer. It is rewarding to see an art quilt find an owner that loves what I have created.

Describe your art and its inspiration.

My art quilts are mostly nature oriented inspired by the world around me. When I was a child, I tried to duplicate the sunsets with paper and colored chalk. A deeper appreciation of nature was nurtured by my husband, a wildlife biologist. Usually, ideas start as a vision. The process of getting an art quilt from vision to final product is something akin to creative birthing. Other times, I’m inspired by a certain piece of fabric and from that an entire art quilt will spring to mind.
Ocean Bottom

When did you begin to make art quilts?

My journey to art quilts started about twenty years ago and meandered through traditional quilts and small, pieced wall hangings and finally to art quilts. Having my job outsourced just over a year ago, granted me the opportunity to pursue my passion full time.

Where do you do most of your artwork?

My home is my current studio. I laugh as there aren’t any rooms in my house, (except my husband’s bathroom) that does not have a sewing machine, a cupboard with fabric, a cabinet with dyes or something to do with my art.

What are your goals?

Enjoying my art and making enough money to continue it is my short term goal. Ultimately, I would like to have several galleries display my art and do a few fine art shows yearly. Alas, my ultimate goal is to have what I call my “Dream Studio”.
Pond Life

Do you teach, lecture, curate or have a business of your artwork?

Being a sole proprietor of a small business named, “Stoney Ridge Fiber Arts”, makes life  a little crazy. However, I do lectures for quilt guilds and do a little teaching when there is time. This August I will be teaching a dyeing class and a batik class at the Schoodic Art Festival on the coast of Maine.

Where can your work be seen?

Presently, my work can be seen at several Maine Fine Arts & Crafts shows. I have been asked to put some of my work in a gallery on the coast of Maine. My work can also be seen on my blog:

What are your interests outside of art?

Spending time with my husband of 44 years, our two children, their spouses and our 6 grandchildren comprise my most treasured interests. After them, I love to read, do techniques with my friends (We have a group we call “Five”; bet you can’t guess how many of us there are!), take pictures, garden, and enjoy each day as it comes. I am a very lucky person.

Please let us know if you would like to be interviewed for our new blog feature!

Show and Tell, Anne Standish

These are close up details of her quilts!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wen's Day

another thought Art and Passion...

Creativity breeds passion but life also happens. Balancing the two is a struggle. I find my art has ebbs and flows but like exercise, if I leave off too long it is difficult to get my swing back. I try to listen to myself more and criticize less. Big lesson!

 Pleased to share...
My piece for the Fiber Revolution show is up on my blog.

I am part of the Space Between curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison, who co-curate exhibits together under the name Dinner at Eight Artists. I am featured on their blog.

I'm a guest on the Blog, Sketchbook Challenge-  cool blog about artist journals.

just loaded a pile of work on Etsy!

I am featured on Running with Scissors featured Gallery

Taught a wonderful workshop, Dig It ALL! Digital Printing to a bunch of lovely women this past Saturday.  It's fun to revisit, review and renew those skills.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Upcoming events of interest

The Northern Lights Quilt Guild from Lebanon, NH is hosting two events I thought you all would be interested in.

Their bi-annual quilt show will be held this weekend, April 16 & 17th at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH. Wen Redmond has taught classes for this group as have I. This show will have an assortment of quilts (art and traditional) to see, and plenty of vendors to shop from, too! I will be at an information booth for SAQA, so if you come to see the show, please stop by to say hi.

Northern Lights is also hosting a Quilt Retreat featuring our own Sarah Ann Smith! This over night retreat will be at the Shaker Meeting house in Enfield, NH the weekend of May 20 & 21.
The price is right! The place is beautiful and the teacher, dynamic! There are still openings, so call right away to secure your spot! Click on the above title: "Upcoming events of interest" to get to the website for the quilt show and the retreat.

Saturday and Sunday, May 21 & 22, I am teaching "Mono-printing: Creating your personal mark on fabric" at the League of NH Craftsmen mixed media studio in Hanover NH. You can attend one day or both days. I just thought I would mention it as it would be a nice way to finish off the retreat weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dianne Schullenberger's studio & work

Dianne talking about her art in her studio workspace
How does one manage a studio tour for a small group?  Hopefully in the same charming and unassuming way Dianne Schullenberger does.

Valarie Poitier expressed it nicely in the SAQA MA/RI blog, "Her work and space was for me, like a grand banquet. Everything I would wish to see, crafted by a master, with the proper spaces to put them in. What more could this artist want, I got to see a working gallery and a working studio! That my friends... is one of my dreams...and it feels closer after this weekend."
Two of her unframed landscapes
Detail of Dianne's piecing of tiny fabrics

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a note from Dianne.

She wrote, "I am so pleased you enjoyed the studio visit.  You all were so enthusiastic and delightful.  It was my pleasure to show you my studio and to meet the SAQA group."

Next: more show and tell of our fabulous SAQA members!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gallery Visit with Dianne Schullenberger

Valarie looking at Dianne's work in the gallery

Dianne talking about her work

One corner of Dianne's gallery

These are framed fabric studies with pieces of rock attached

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of interest to our members

Montpelier Alive seeks proposals for a set of banners or banner-like works of art to be hung on the light poles in front of Montpelier City Hall from June 1 through October 15, 2011. City Hall Plaza is a highly visible location in the heart of Vermont’s bustling capital city that has displayed a variety of solid color and photographic banners over the past eight years. The successful new design will be a creative response to the plaza, the city and its surroundings. Designs will be judged on their creativity, visual impact from the street, and durability.
for more information
click here:

Mother and Daughter Art/Quilt Show
The Will Variations: A Two-Generation Study of Color and Texture
Easton Public Library
691 Morehouse Rd., Easton, CT
Wed., April 6, 2011 - May 17, 2011
Opening Reception: Sat., April 9, 2011 - 12-3pm
Free and Open to the Public


Connie Will of Easton, CT and her daughter, Mary Will Sussman of Webster, NH, will exhibit their varied art forms in a two-person show April 6th- May 17,2011 at the Easton Public Library, 691 Morehouse Rd, Easton, CT. An opening reception will be held Saturday April 9th, from 12-3pm, and is free and open to the public.

Will's paintings --- in watercolor, acrylic and oil --- exploit the clash and harmony of color in the natural world; Sussman's exploration of the creative possibilities of textiles - in wearable and decorative art -- brings the additional dimension of texture to Will's unique vision.

Sussman states that Will's approach to art has influenced her every artistic endeavor. "My mother never discouraged me from trying new mediums of art expression. Whatever my enthusiasm ---for dancing, singing, drawing, ceramics, or sewing --- she encouraged me to jump into it with both feet."

Will's illustrations have been featured in area newspapers, while her botanical note cards have been a popular item at local museum shops. Her studies include acrylic, pastels and sculpture with Jackie Koffman at the Silvermine Art School, New Canaan, CT.

Sussman's textile art was selected for publication in Portfolio 12 & 16, the prestigious journal of SAQA. A lecturer and quilting teacher, as well as a textile artist, Sussman is a Professional Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc., (SAQA), an international non-profit organization of artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators and corporate sponsors which promotes the medium of art quilting as a contemporary development of the traditional folk art quilt. Sussman is also a member of the Amoskeag Quilters Guild based in Manchester, NH.

To view some of Connie's work go to:
Directions to the Easton Library:

Monday, April 4, 2011

An Artist's View, Beth Berman from Maine

Beth Berman- Artist Statement
blue eyes
 I have always had a passion and self-taught ability for creating--from sewing at age 11, to painting as a
teen, to pottery, jewelry, woodworking, quilting and more. After retirement from Dental Hygiene I used my time to rekindle my passion for art starting with a few traditional quilts then quickly moving
into art quilts. I took workshops, read books on techniques and joined with other artists to explore media and techniques. I released myself from the bonds of commercial success and made process rather than product paramount. 
My mantra: “There is no win or fail, there is only MAKE” Sister Corita Kent
1.     When did you begin to make art quilts?
After making quite a few traditional quilts, I joined a local quilt group in Belfast, Maine. At Maine Quilts, the state quilt guild convention, I took two workshops from Pamela Allen. Her style of “fly by the seat of your pants” composition and assemblage of fabrics, mostly clothing from thrift shops not only opened my eyes, whetted my appetite for art but gave me the “permission” to do ANYTHING I wanted to do in creating a piece. From then on, there was no stopping me. I may not be a great artist but I’m having the time of my life.
2.     Describe your art and it’s inspiration.
I cannot describe my art because it is still in such flux that it won’t hold still long enough to categorize. I do know I love making marks and patches of color. My favorite techniques are dyeing, fabric paint, silk screening and non-traditional stamping.
What I am trying to express in my work is the fragility of life on earth, our mother and home. I have written a detailed “visioning biography” on my website.
Eric for TQS 2
3.     Where do you do most of your artwork?
I am most fortunate to have a large studio in my home. I just re-organized it and it can be seen on my blog here. I use my large kitchen as a wet studio for dyeing and silk screening but I do plenty of “wet” things in my studio as well.
4.     What are your goals?
The main goal of my work is to bring awareness of OUR fragile existence on the earth. The earth itself will be fine but we are destroying the home we live in with ignorance (just not knowing) of our impact on the planet. The ends of the continuum are greed and arrogance at one end and ignorance and inconvenience at the other. I will mention here that I have a BS and MS in Environmental Science and Policy.
5.     Do you teach, lecture, curate or have a business of your artwork?
Let me address the business portion of the question. This only refers to me: I am not interested in the business of art. At the same time, I applaud everyone who wants to and does make a living doing art.
Now that I said that, I AM teaching surface design. I will be returning to Fiber College in Searsport, Maine September 8th, for a full day silk screening class starting with making a silk screen and printing surface to a wide variety of ways to use that screen. I LOVE teaching and have done a number of tutorials on my blog. I am definitely open to doing more teaching.
6.     Where can your work be seen?
Right now the only place my work can be seen is at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. I have one piece, “Fall”, that was accepted for the show. It speaks to the cycle of birth, life and death rather than the season. My work can also be seen on my website.
7.     What are your interests outside art?
I work with women whose lives have been affected by alcoholism. I feel it is the underlying direction of my life and I spend many hours volunteering in this effort. All of the time not in this pursuit is given over to art, my art friends and making art with these friends. We call ourselves FIVE. We support and encourage each other in art and life. Life IS good.

Thank you Beth! 
Please let us know if you would like to be interviewed for our new blog feature!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to 26 NEW or renewing Members!!
Welcome to Studio Art Quilts NH/ME/VT Region!
We’re glad you’ve joined us. We keep in touch with a quarterly newsletter viva email, blog or on the regional page on the SAQA website. Because our region is so large we  encourage member sponsored meetings called parlor meetings. One of your rep’s would be glad to help you arrange this. Easy- party time!!
Please explore the SAQA website- Lots of cool information, gallery shows of members work, and much more.
We have our own regional blog too! I hope you will choose to follow it. The follow button is on the right sidebar. 
Please send any info you’d like added to blog or newsletter to one of your reps’s, see below.
Send news, acceptances, shows, ideas etc to any of us...
Margaret Sheehan
Susan Balch

Member Show and Tell Featuring Kathy Angel Lee

Kathy Angel Lee talks about her work.  Roz Daniels helps out.
Kathy Angel Lee

Friday, April 1, 2011

From a Juror's Perspective

What is a juror's perspective? 
Valarie Poitier shared with us the amazing steps she took to dream, set up, and guest jury the "No Holds Barred" exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum. She talked about the hard task of choosing the pieces to be in the show, and the factors behind some of the choices. She reveled in the success of the show which went beyond what she and the NE Quilt museum even imagined.  Credit was given to the power and art of the SAQA members who entered and the quilters and friends who, visited the show, bid on the auction pieces and attended the workshops and lectures that were offered.
Beth Berman, Jodi Scaltreto, Rosalita Feero

Jodi Scaltreto, Michelle Kincaid,
Kathy Lee, Beth Berman

We learned that the job of a curator is to initially choose a dynamic body of work that meets the guidelines specified. Then she must narrow down the choices based on the display space available, coherency to the other chosen artwork, and finally, public appeal and draw.

The conversation led to rejection and the effect it has on the artist. Valarie emphasized that just because you are rejected from a show does not mean your work is not good. It just doesn't fit in with the body of work chosen to make a fluid show.  Do not stop creating your art just because you are rejected... if anything, keep on going!  You have at least 100 more rejections ahead of you!

Finally, Valarie challenged us to become PAMs.
She said that even if you do not actually apply to become a PAM, the steps taken to become one will bring you forward in your work and your commitment to your art.  If you need guidelines and focus, check out the SAQA website for the steps.  They are all listed there.

Next:  Show and Tell     ~ Margaret
Karin K, Charleen Huntley